Izzy Moreno a Salvadoran immigrant came to the United States on the 18 of March 1989. For 20 years Izzy labored in New York in the restaurant business and always had a dream of owning his own business. His beginnings were tough and he started working ads a busboy in an Italian Restaurant named Pastique in Long Island, New York. After many years Izzy worked at a Steak House named Frank’s Steakhouse and at The Pasta Grill. Two people that influenced Izzy’s cooking experience were Michael Ross and Eileen O’leary that with a lot of care and affection helped shape Izzy in the business and gave him an opportunity to work in their own restaurant. After some time Izzy moved to Georgia and worked in Gamdolfo’s Ny Deli. The deli was completely influenced by New York Style Cuisine and Service. Not too long ago for about five years worked in a Italian Pizzeria where his dreams and expectations were to one day own his own business. Now his dream has become a reality and with the knowledge he has in the business, great sacrifice, and the unconditional help of his friends and family. Now Izzy’s New York Pizza’s doors are now open and ready to give the service his customers deserve.